A long road to reliable renewable energy.

By March 15, 2021 News, Off-grid, Power Cube, RBSS

From the very early 1990s, TIEC Electrical was already investigating renewable energy as a way to reduce reliance on diesel generated power in outback Western Australia.

For 6 years, TIEC and RBSS founder Leith Elsegood, lived and worked at a remote Indigenous community about 160km east of Newman, providing and maintaining essential electrical services to the community and outlying areas.

It was here that Leith cut his teeth on developing renewable energy solutions and was tasked with setting up custom-built, containerised hybrid power stations. These hybrid power stations supplied all the energy needs of the local outback communities and used a combination of large, deep-cycle, lead-acid batteries and a small diesel generator, all neatly installed in a 20ft container.

Technology has come a long way since those early forays into renewable energy, especially when it comes to battery storage – and looking back at those containerised hybrid power stations, it’s easy to see the journey to the RBSS Power Cube.