All go at Yalgoo

By February 19, 2021 Off-grid, RBSS, Yalgoo

About 500km north of Perth is Yalgoo – and the location of Edah Station, a 100,000 hectare sheep station.

Tired of their depleted and underperforming solar and lead acid battery system – the owners were looking for a reliable solution for the station’s power needs in this remote, off-grid location.

A previous sub-standard installation and harsh outback conditions were the catalyst for the demise of the antiquated 24 x 900Ah 2volt lead acid battery storage system.

RBSS was approached to design a system that that could meet their immediate needs – our solution:

2 x 10kWH Redflow ZBM2 Batteries

1 x Redflow Battery Management System (BMS)

1 x 12kW Victron Quattro Inverter Charger

1 x CCGX Management Control

The Edah Station owners had extensively researched the various battery energy storage systems (BESS) available, and specifically a system that could cope with the harsh conditions in outback Western Australia. Eventually, after word had got about in the remote north region, they chose to invest in Redflow zinc-bromine battery technology and RBSS expertise.

RBBS are pleased and confident that we have come up with a BESS solution to meet Edah Station’s energy requirements and expectations into the future.

We will post more photos of the install as it progresses.