MetroCount – Project update 2

By December 17, 2020 MetroCount, News, RBSS

RBSS are pleased to report that the MetroCount Fremantle project is complete

MetroCount owner Mike Kenny has been keeping a close eye on the installation and said it’s been awesome watching it all unfold.

The battery energy storage system has been operational now for a few weeks and we have been closely monitoring it via the Victron Remote Console and we’ve posted a short video of the system in action.

In the video below – the red Grid panel is indicating the system is exporting excessive solar yield to the utility grid (shown as a negative number), whilst sufficing their entire building power needs as shown in the green AC Loads panel shown as 0W used, and concurrently providing backup power to their Computer IT Room shown in the teal Critical Loads panel.

All the while charging MetroCount’s new 40kWh of Redflow Zinc Bromine batteries sitting at 97% charge – ready for the evening shift.

A complete solution – doing exactly what it was designed to do.

Sustainability has been a core value that Mr Kenny has prioritised since the business started, and the new Redflow battery energy storage system is another positive step in achieving MetroCount’s sustainability goals. You can read about MetroCount’s commitment to sustainability and the new battery installation on their website.