MetroCount – Project update 1

By October 23, 2020 MetroCount, News, RBSS

Back in August RBSS was approached by Fremantle-based MetroCount to review their existing commercial 30kW PV grid connect solar system, and come up with a reliable back-up power solution that would harness the excess solar yield they were producing.

Well we have been very busy since then laying down the groundwork for a new 30kWh Redflow Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

So far we have installed the custom-made DC protection board to safely contain all the battery protection systems and the main DC isolation. Within the cabinet is the Redflow Battery Management System and we have integrated a Victron CCGX panel into the cabinet door so the client can get instant feedback of their system.

The extensive cable management containments have been concealed under the building to allow for a super neat installation up top inside the battery room – and as usual the TIEC boys cable detail is second to none.

Next step is to install the three Redflow ZBM2 batteries and the A/C power change over – and this custom designed BESS will soon be saving MetroCount energy costs and the environment.