Jindong Treeton – Project update 1

By August 24, 2020 October 23rd, 2020 Jindong Treeton, News
Some nicer weather has arrived and progress has taken off at Jindong Treeton Farm south of Perth in Western Australia.

New design requirements from the client delayed the initial start time for this system. The revised system specification has expanded to include 70 x 350Watt solar panels for a total 24.5kW rooftop array.

The purpose-built battery room has also started to take shape, and with the upgraded specification will eventually house the 45kVA 3-phase Inverters, MPPT controllers and a wind turbine controller. All that free energy will now feed into 60kWh of Redflow batteries, with capacity to expand to 80kWh as future needs demand.

RBSS and TIEC Electrical have been busy on-site and as you can see from the photos – installation is well underway.