Making our mark in Mosman Park

By June 2, 2020 August 25th, 2021 Mosman Park, News, Off-grid, RBSS, Residential

A prominent WA businessman and Mosman Park resident has been seeking cost saving solutions for his power consumption at a home in the southern Perth suburb.

The client was not going to accept lifestyle changes by switching his entire electrical consumption to the day just to maximise solar grid connect power savings.

How can you when you work away from home all day and then use you electrical consumption at night – when it’s dark – and when you need it!?

Plus the small return from the utility scheme (ie $0.07) didn’t warrant the investment for just a stand alone grid connect solar system. “Why give all that power away for 7 cents, then to only buy it back at 30 cents” – we couldn’t agree more!

RBSS‘ solution is a 14kW array and stand alone battery ESS, 10Kw Victron Quattro Inverter / Chargers per phase will suffice the household maximum demand comfortably – and yes 30kWh of Redflow ZBM2 Battery storage – with room for 40kWh.

The wintery weather has kept us indoors so the battery room has been the priority and coming along nicely.