Yallalong Station – Project update

By April 8, 2020 October 23rd, 2020 News, Off-grid, RBSS, Yallalong Station

It’s been a good 5 months or more since RBSS installed, commissioned and handed over the off-grid renewable power room at Yallalong Station, a remote cattle station 650km north of Perth in Western Australia.

The installed system consisted of 4 x Redflow ZCell zinc-bromine flow batteries and a 15kVA Victron Quattro inverter to manage, store and distribute energy from a 9.5 kW/peak solar array, a 3kW/peak wind turbine and a backup diesel generator.

We have been keeping a keen eye on how the system is performing, particularly over the hot summer months. RBSS have been gathering data via the Victron Color Control GX (CCGX), which displays at-a-glance live information for the whole system, or as we have done – accessed all the data anytime, anywhere through the online Victron Remote Management Portal (VRM).

And we, as is the client, are over the moon (sun?!) with the results to date and how the system is performing overall.

Below is a graph downloaded via the VRM of the last 3 months power consumption at Yallalong Station. 

The highlight is the generator use – displayed in green… the old diesel generator contributing just 3% of the total power consumption for Yallalong Station.  And we can assure you, this is merely the automated maintenance run we schedule to keep the genset ready to kick-in if needed.

Overall this is proving to be one awesome, clean, green, renewable power plant.

For more details about this installation contact –
Leith Elsegood on 0419 948 098
or email rbss@tiec.com.au