No need for the grid in Trigg

By January 31, 2020 August 25th, 2021 News, Off-grid, RBSS, Residential, Trigg

Renewable Battery Storage Solutions (RBSS) has begun a new project for a residential energy storage system in a home being built in the Perth suburb of Trigg, Western Australia.

The brief to RBSS is to install a fully autonomous system that will allow the home to operate completely independent of the power-grid – with the added benefit of using the grid as their back-up supply if needed.

The final system will provide clean, stable 230V power through the installation of a 18.90kW PV array made up of 60 x 315W PV panels, feeding to 6 x ZBM2 batteries (60kWh) via 3 x 15kVA Victron Quattro inverters creating a 45kVA three-phase system.

Installation is expected to be completed by mid 2020.